Website Hosting

Website hosting, maintenance and domain name registration
Website Hosting

I provide domain name registration and competitive web hosting tailored to your needs. The Web Server I use is secure, reliable, highly available, and capable of hosting database-driven solutions with all the required technologies such as PHP and MySQL.

Don't worry your files are not on a server in the corner of my office. I purchase server space with renowned UK data centres, then resell them to my clients at a subsidised cost. So your hosting will be cheaper through me, plus you get me as an extra layer of support. On the rare occasion I am not available to resolve any possible urgent issues you will be able to contact the server provider directly.

Whatever your needs I can deliver!

Email & webmail services

I provide POP3 / IMAP email accounts that can be set up on your local machine in Outlook or Outlook Express. Full set-up instructions are provided, and an automatic configuration file can be accessed from the webmail portal to set up your email. The webmail is an online email client that can be accessed from anywhere in the world with internet access.

Office 365 or Gmail Integration

If you have a preferred email provider like Office 365 or Gmail I can assist you with the integration of your company domain name.

Some of my UK Data Centre features...
  • Fully redundant power - A 2N power management setup means up to 50% of our facility can fail without disrupting service. If there was ever a power supply issue, we also have backup generators which would take the load and continue to power our facility indefinitely..
  • Fire suppression - Inergen Fire Suppression - a highly effective gaseous fire suppression agent designed specifically for use in server environments is used. Once deployed, Inergen doesn't damage hardware or infrastructure. Unlike other forms of gaseous fire suppression, it also doesn't create harmful toxins for humans or the environment.
  • Tough security - Security is a top priority. 3m perimeter fencing, 25+ CCTV cameras, 24x7 personnel and electronic access control systems, safeguards our data hall from unauthorised access.
  • Cooling infrastructure - To regulate the temperature and humidity surrounding our servers we use the latest cold aisle containment technology. Cool air is delivered to the ‘cold aisle’ through raised flooring. Servers then draw in the cool air and exhaust it into a ‘hot aisle’ behind them where it is then recycled.
  • Efficiency - Renewable energy, generated from hydroelectric and wind powers our facility. We have a PUE of 1.3, and continue to adopt even more efficient and cost-effective practices.