Web Development

All my websites are built with elegant, well-structured code using the most appropriate technology and tested on all major platforms and web browsers.
Web Development

I believe in delivering the most appropriate web solutions to clients; biggest is not always best. What is covered by the term ‘web development’ therefore varies depending on the needs of the project, but it is at this stage that clients begin to interact with their solution for the first time.

There are a number of decisions that shape the complexity and time of the web development phase. And the right solution can only be created and developed by communicating and working with you to understand your specific objectives. Normally this results in the creation of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) built using the most suited platform.

If a website is powered by a database-driven system, the deliverable may take the form of templates that can be integrated with a back-end system — either in-house or external. Whatever the ultimate end solution, my code is always well-structured and easy for a technical development team to work with. I am happy creating a GUI from the given designs, or to implement the templates on a third-party software platform.

Web Development London, Hertfordshire and Essex

I have found that for me personally, with my web development work, that the majority of my clients and enquiries come from locals in Enfield, London, or surrounding counties like Hertfordshire and Essex.

Often it happens that I might have actually never met some of my clients in person, despite the fact that they may work only a few miles away. I think they feel more comfortable in the fact that if they need to meet to discuss in greater detail they can, or if there are any issues that need resolving I'm nearby and ready and willing to meet with them.

This is of great benefit to both the client and me, and is one of the many reasons that I really enjoy working with local clients. There are a few other reasons that I have found are also perks to you, as a client, when you are provided web development locally. Click here to see a few reasons to hire web development services locally.

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My approach to accessibility

At the start of a project, I work with our clients to interpret the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) guidelines and what they mean to them. I establish the level of accessibility the web solution should conform to – this is normally measured as A, AA or AAA, with triple A being the highest level. This process also helps define the compatibility targets, for example an audience where the majority are still dial-up customers, which may have an impact on how the website is designed and built.

At the end of all projects, my websites are checked against W3C guidelines and only deemed complete when all accessibility targets have been met.