London Logo Designer - My thought's on what makes a good logo?

London Logo Designer - My thought's on what makes a good logo?

Are you looking for a London Logo Designer and in the market for a new logo? Have a new business and simply want to refresh the logo you already have? Or, maybe you’re just curious about what makes a logo a "good" one. Either way, here are five helpful tips on what to look for when in the market for a new logo.

  1. Simple. You don’t want anything too complicated. People should be able to understand what your company does just by looking at the logo. If you have people confusing your steel shop with a hairdressing business than something on your logo is way too off. Your logo should be relevant to your business. The most effective logos are the most simple ones, and people remember them the best.
  2. Timeless. Make sure that your logo is not going to be dated. A good logo is timeless and not set to a specific event, time, or place. You don’t want your logo to look "old" in just a matter of years. Although sometimes it is a good idea to change your logo and update it a bit, it should never be necessary.
  3. Colour. Make sure that your colours are not garish or unpleasant. Bold is fine, but make sure it’s not TOO bold. Also, keep in mind what your business is. If you own a spa business you probably want calming colours in the logo. At the same time if you own a party supply store you may want to have a brightly coloured logo and not have subdued pastels.
  4. Fit to scale. If you have a logo that looks good small (on paper or on a website) and then when blown up looks strange and the shape is awkward it’s probably not a good idea. You want your logo to look as good on the side of a building as it does on a business card. Your logo designer should also be providing you with the logo in a few different formats, that makes it possible for you to do this.
  5. Appropriate. This is referring to the overall design and not just the colour scheme. Make sure that your logo is appropriate for what you are offering. If you have a daycare service be sure that it looks inviting and child-friendly. If you have a pub you more than likely don’t want to have something makes people think of children. You never, ever, ever want your business to be confused with something it’s not due to the logo.

One last thing. When looking into having a logo designed, I have found with my own logo design business I often have clients arrive that have never even heard of a logo, or, if they have they have a very vague idea of what they are looking for. A good freelance logo designer should be able to listen to what you require for your logo and then apply all of the above to it.

If you start working with a London logo designer and don’t see at least three of the above tips applied to it, it’s probably time to find yourself a new (and better) graphic design artist.

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