Freelance Wordpress Developer - Do you need one?

Freelance Wordpress Developer - Do you need one?

Are you thinking of hiring a freelance WordPress developer in London? Are you wondering what exactly is the benefit of hiring one, and if they are actually going to be worth the investment?

Well, there are a few reasons why you should seriously consider hiring a freelance WordPress developer if you have a WordPress site.

  • Develop custom themes: yes, you can get a pre-made design, but the best way to ensure that your site stands out and is unique is by developing your own design. And that is something that your developer can do for you.
  • Clean plug-ins, and run regular maintenance: making the use of the most space and keep your site clear, clean, and easy to navigate (with the format and design).
  • Optimize your site: making sure that your site is running at peak condition and loading swiftly is important and something that needs to be checked daily.
  • Regular updates: backing up your site in case of it crashing is of the utmost importance.
  • Security checks: don’t underestimate the importance of a good security system and passwords, which is something that your developer can help you with.

In addition, if you are considering hiring a WordPress developer to assist you with getting the most out of your site, there are a few things to be on the lookout for when you go about the hiring process that you should be aware makes a good php developer.

  • Prompt and efficient: timeliness is of the utmost importance. Make sure that you find a web designer that both pays attention to detail but has an eye for the bigger picture. They should realise that website maintenance needs to be taken care of promptly and not put off or delayed.
  • Experience: look for a designer with experience in graphic design, photo editing, and theme editing. They should fully understand how to navigate your site and put your ideas and thoughts into a physical design for your website.
  • Self-motivated: Make sure that your WordPress developer can work independently and is motivated. You should have to feel like you need to be “checking in” all the time.
  • Marketing and Customer Service Skills: they should be able to interact well with any of your business clients and co-workers, and have a basic knowledge of marketing. Simply because there is a good chance that at some point they will have to interact with them on some level.
  • Feedback: Make sure that your developer does both well with, and listens to feedback that you give. If you are constantly arguing with them, or even worse, feel like they don’t listen to your instructions, your working relationship will be a failure very swiftly.

Hiring a WordPress developer is important to the optimisation of your site, and well yes, you can try to maintain your own site, we recommend that unless you have all the expertise listed above that you don’t attempt it. Your site is important and should be treated as such. Making the extra effort and looking into hiring a WordPress developer is something should be carefully considered and looked into.

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